The 5G Network – Dangerous or Safe? (Ultimate Review)

5G Network Smartphone

When it comes to smartphones, one of the things that make them so smart is the fact that they are connected to the Internet and getting data realtime, as fast as possible. The modern world requires more and more speed and we all need a solution, here comes 5G.

The 5G Network

With smartphones, you can connect and browse the web just as easily as you could if you were on a laptop connected to an available Wi-Fi network. However, with mobile networks, you could even connect more easily

5G is the Fastest Wireless Network

With a network that is faster than any previous incarnations like the 5G network, you could get more done on your mobile device. The great thing is, people are using mobile devices more and more often these days.

Rather than lugging a laptop around with them, people are simply using their mobile devices to do their work or check-in.

Even some occupations that include content creation which seems to require the use of a keyboard has alternatives in mobile networking and mobile networking devices.

5G vs 4G Speed Comparison

5G vs 4G Speed Comparison

The main thing to keep in mind is there is a lot to love about the coming 5G network.

You may be perfectly happy with your 4G Internet because it is pretty fast, but imagine being able to download movies, songs and other content at the same speed that you can download items at home, or anything you like to use.

This is a huge change in the marketplace and you should be aware of what is coming.

Here is a video comparison to better understand visually how it really works in real life.

What is the 5G Network?

What is the 5G Network?

The 5G Network is the latest incarnation of mobile Internet. The G in all of these networks dance for a generation. It started with the first generation of mobile networking which was extremely limited and is currently standardized with 4G. However, 4G, or even 5G, is not nearly as far as mobile networking will go. In the future, the entire globe will be blanketed by an Internet network that will encompass our telephones, smart items, technology, devices and more. The 5G network is going to be one of the most exciting things that happen to our modern digital world in a long time.

How 5G Works?

So, how does the 5G network work? Basically, for this next-generation standard for wireless communications which will take over mobile networks in 2019, they operate in a high-frequency band of the wireless spectrum that is between 28 GHz and 60 GHz. Although it will not fully replace LTE or the mobile variants, it will deliver extremely high speeds in comparison. That’s because it offers lower latency, increase capacity and in general, faster speeds…

What Frequency Is 5G Network?

What Frequency Is 5G Network?

The current network uses a frequency below 6 GHz and that subsection of the mobile frequency will be used in conjunction with the 5G network. That is where the LTE network lives, and it will still be used with this new technology. But 5G will also be adding several unlicensed frequencies like the 3.5 GHz frequency for mobile use…

Mobile Frequencies

Carrier3G Frequencies4G Bands
AT&TGSMA/HSPA/HSPA+ 1900 MHz, 850 MHz2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 17, 29, 30, 66
SprintCDMA 800 MHz, 1900 MHz25, 26, 41
VerizonCDMA 800, 1900 PCS2, 4, 5, 13, 66
T-MobileGSM/HSPA/HSPA+ 1900 MHz, 1700/2100 MHz2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71
Source: WhistleOut

5G will be adding a huge amount of new bandwidth for users to help the axis the Internet and this will allow them to attain higher speeds at a level that they’ve never experienced before. In addition to the greater bandwidth, the new 5G networks have a very dense and distributed network composed of base stations that have been set up to be small cells. This means that there will be a reduced amount of latency as well.

Comparing the 5G Network against Previous Incarnations

GenerationMax SpeedAverage Speed
3G HSPA+42Mbps5Mbps
4G LTE-A300Mbps-1Gbps15Mbps-50Mbps
5G1-10Gbps50Mbps and up

The first wireless network stretches along the way back before anyone even considered that there could be such a thing as a wireless network.

The first wireless network was available in 1969 at the University of Hawaii and became operational in 1971. This turned into a commercial wireless network WaveLan that was developed into a commercial product by 1986.

This was what is considered the 2G or second-generation wireless network and it had nothing more than the basics. It would not be until 1997 when Wi-Fi was introduced and not until 1999 when voice over IP was first introduced on a wireless network.

Cellular networks and PCS networks use radio communications technologies to take over a certain region of the planet. These systems used to divide the region into multiple geographic areas. That’s because of the satellites that were stationed in space at 22,000 miles above the equator and receiving and relaying voice, data and television signals.

Old Cellular Networks

The first wireless networks crawled in comparison with modern cellular networks. It was like the difference between dial-up Internet and the modern Internet. You cannot simply go to a webpage and have a load immediately.

Also, search engines had not yet begun to incorporate page loading time into their algorithms because page loading time was slow for everyone and could not be a factor for evaluating how valuable a page was in the search engine results.

Modern Cellular Network

But as a modern cellular network began to improve, there was a definite bias toward cellular networks that loaded pages more quickly and allowed users to get the information that they needed right away.

Also, these networks were able to incorporate things like multimedia, audio, and voice over IP which became the basis of the modern Internet network. Modern cellular networks began to improve as a matter of necessity as more and more regular Internet networks improved.

People are not willing to use high-speed Internet on their PC and laptop and still have extremely slow speeds on their current cellular network. Cellular networks had to improve and quickly.

How Fast is 5G?

Just How Fast is 5G Network

10000mbs as tech companies are promising, but there is no such speed tested yet. for now, it’s up to 2000mbs. What is the potential for the 5G wireless network? That is a real question because the truth is that nobody knows. There is a great deal of potential when it comes to the 5G wireless networks.

Several different kinds of data must be allowed for when trying to calculate the speed of a wireless network. There is not much potential for improving speed in voice over IP or voice over network communications. Almost everyone can communicate with their loved ones in real-time without any noticeable delays and can play online games on Mobile or home computer without lags.

Types of Data Transfer

But what about other types of data transfer? Will browsing the Internet be as good as it would be on your home computer? Unfortunately, due to the limitations of 4G, it will likely take a while for everyone to update their website to 5G. This means the most websites on not load is quickly is they used to.

Where you will notice we see a difference is when your downloading something from the Internet you want to listen to or watch.

For example, using a VPN connection via 4G works slower because there are many connections and significantly slow down your connection, with 5G there is no difference with speed and speed is faster than 4G or even home network.

Another example, audible can contain very large files with an entire audiobook or half of an audiobook within them. While you might be used to waiting 20 to 30 minutes for an audiobook download, you might get used to spending 30 minutes in the bathroom, waiting for something to download.

How Fast is 5G in the United State?

How Fast is 5G in the United State?

However, if you want to understand how 5G is going to affect the world, then you first want to look at the United States. People in the United States are used to being spoiled. They are used to receiving the best wireless Internet solutions as well as the best Wi-Fi solutions other Internet protocols because there is simply a great deal of information available here first and much of it can be classified by the clothes of the participants are wearing. In other words, tight pants do not always equal tight pants.

To put it another way, 5G is going to be so superior to the networks that you have imagined in the past, you will be unable to see anything different than what you are experiencing on the 5G network.

The 5G network is not such a faster network, it is a network that performs better than all the other networks combined. This network could change the way that the world works. Crops could grow faster, people can get jobs done sooner and things could happen a lot more quickly than they used to.

The 5G Network

People will be able to leverage this network not only to use their mobile phones to communicate with friends and relatives faster, but they will also be able to use their phones to use applications faster and at a speed that no one’s ever heard of.

In other words, there is no speed limit on the 5G network in the United States. You will bill to determine how fast you want to go based upon your needs. The 5G network is based entirely upon what you want and what you need, with no regard to what is happening in the past.

Although some of the same technologies are bundled into these past networks, they are not part of the modern 5G network which will basically wipe all other networks off of the face of the planet and only put them in studios where the 5G network is arty present.

How Fast is 5G in the United Kingdom?

How Fast is 5G in the United Kingdom?

Another region that will benefit from the modernized 5G networks is the United Kingdom. This is the second most populous region where people are finding out that they can get the same speeds that they get with their modern PC or Mac-based Internet protocol on their mobile devices. This is good news because people that get their content for mobile devices are always going to want something bigger. This may mean a simple computer monitor upgrade where they spend more money to get a bigger computer monitor or maybe a major upgrade where they prepare their computer to view outside images and videos at the highest resolution possible. Right now, that is approximately 4000 pixels per inch.

5G Coverage United Kingdom

5G Coverage United Kingdom

This size in the United Kingdom is going to be the same in the United States as they have a comparable level of technology. But what you must understand is that the ways that these two technologies are used are very different. For example, one of them wants to get technology out as soon as possible while the other is paired wait for the appropriate time until their leaders tell them that it is time to release the technology. So, how do you determine which of these technologies being used the right way?

The United Kingdom lags a little behind the United States in terms of technology implementation. But unless you have on vested interest, you will probably not notice this. Especially since your 4G and your 5G networks will come with a new phone. Most people will not even realize the crossover until it happens when they decide to upgrade their phones. That’s one of the things that make this such a unique event. The switch to 5G is going to happen to different people at different times.

How to Know if Your Phone Supports 5G?

So, how do you know your network supports your new 5G endeavors? How do you know if your phone will even be able to accommodate such a high-speed network? That is one of the questions they want to answer before you upgrade. You may want to keep your phone, your phone number or any number of other physical attributes, but unless your phone will support the newest network, you’re going to have to upgrade to all the manual transfers yourself.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are plenty of things to keep in mind when it comes to upgrading to the 5G network. If you have done your research, and you are sure they want to upgrade, then you probably already know if your phone will support such a network. If not, you probably already have a phone in mind. If this is the case, then you want to look at all of your options and find the best phone to use on the very latest network to hit the market.

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