How to Properly Clean Your Keyboard

The Best Way to Clean a Keyboard

Have you ever wondered what the keyboard is the dirtiest part of the entire electronic gadget? It always remains in close contact with your hands and easily attracts all the germs, oil and dirt. The notches and the angular sides of the keyboards are filled with dust. This is why your keyboard requires extensive care and regular cleaning.

However mere dust wipers are not always enough for a thorough cleaning process and you need to be careful while handling it. In this article, we will guide you with step by step process of how to clean your dirty keyboard.

The Best Way to Clean a Keyboard

You need to take additional precautions while handling with electronic gadgets as a simple mistake can lead to fatal disaster. Make sure to shut down your computer and unplug the keyboard (extra safety).

This little gesture will also ensure the longevity of the hardware while reducing the risk of any electric shock. Make sure to take out the batteries if your keyboard is wireless.

Now flip the keyboard upside down and gently knock on the behind so that the loose dust is shaken off. Wipe the keyboard with a dry cotton tissue first. You can also use a dryer to remove the dust more effectively. Make sure that no key becomes loose and don’t be harsh. Instead of rubbing extensively, simply wipe it.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

If you are interested to clean oily laptop keyboard or any oily keyboard, you can use isopropyl alcohol to cleanse the keyboard. This is easily available in the hardware store. Use a cotton ball and dampen it with alcohol. Then wipe out the dirt and oil on the surface of the keys. Also, cleanse the angular notches very carefully.

Never Use Water to Clean Your Keyboard and Gadgets

Do not use water while cleansing as electronic gadgets lose their longevity once it’s dampened.

If you are trying to clean an oily keyboard, isopropyl alcohol is more efficient in this regard because it dries off quickly and therefore a better alternative to water. However, be cautious that the alcohol does not come in close contact with your eyes or mouth as it can damage the skin. It’s always preferable to wear gloves while doing such cleansing work.

Polish the keyboard one last time by a lint-free cloth. This is not a harsh material and therefore beneficial for the keyboard.  

Deep Clean Your Keyboard

If you have expertise in technology and hardware and you want to deep clean the inner part of the keyboard, worry no more.

Plug off the wired keyboard, or remove the battery if you are cleaning a wireless keyboard, use a screwdriver to remove the keys. Remember that this is not for beginners or amateurs. You require extensive knowledge of hardware to opt for this sort of experiment.

Better to use a manual while opening the keys. Here is detailed video instruction for deep cleaning

Don’t forget to take a photo of your keyboard first, it helps a lot when you finish cleaning and want to remember exact place for each key.

After removing the keys use a fluffy brush or cotton buds to remove the loose dust condensed over the chips.

Be careful not to be harsh else the microchips can be dislocated and your keyboard will not function properly, not all keyboards are same, this video is only for demonstration, your keyboard might be absolutely different

Use Water to Clean Your Keyboard Keys Alone

You can use water to clean your keyboards keys only after they are removed, (see on the video above how to remove keys) rinse the separated keys in lukewarm water. You can also pour 1 tbsp dishwater into the water for even better cleansing. Now dab a cotton towel into the soapy water and wipe the empty faceplate of the keyboard with the utmost attention.

Now wipe the keys and faceplate with a cotton pad soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This will render a shiny texture on the keyboard.

Additional tip: Make sure to do the deep cleaning process when you don’t require the keyboard urgently or you have another keyboard in stock. Because you need to dry out the dampen keyboard and the keys for 1 to 2 days.

Dry Your Keyboard First

You can use a hairdryer for the best results after all the parts gave completely dried out, reassemble the keyboard by placing all the keys in their proper place. Use the manual to ensure this step or if you remember I’ve asked about to take a photo before removing keys 😉

And that’s all! Your new keyboard is ready to serve for another year to come!

There is not any golden rule for how often should you clean your keyboard, it depends on how you use it, there are people who are eating near or on keyboard, seriously, take a look at this photo

So, Take care of your keyboard and clean it 1-2 times a year, that’s all.

We have a lot of guides to care for your gadgets.

Thanks for reading ))

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