Customize Apple Watch With 3rd-Party Bands (Ultimate Guide)

Simple Ways To Customize Apple Watch With Third-Party Bands

Personally, I’ve tried a few ways to customize Apple watches with third-party bands. Default bands that come with Apple watches are cool, but there are tons of beautiful bands available to style my watches, so why not try them?

Watches are no more time telling agents. They have gone a long way ahead of this traditional trend and have taken a smarter place in modern lives. Welcome to the smart world where life is made many notches easier than a few years ago.  We all know about smartphones, which perform much more than just calling.

The gadget giant Apple has taken a step above and launched unique devices that have kept the young generation on the rage, the Apple watch.  Besides the regular smartphone activities like calling and texting, it also performs many tasks like fitness tracking and health and wellness maintenance. Now you even can customize an Apple watch with unique 3rd-Party Bands wrists.

Watches With Wireless Network

The watches work with the help of a wireless network connection to an iPhone but can still function even if away from the phone provided there is wi-fi-network. Users go craze because of its versatile features and gratifying look. However, continuous wearing may result in monotony despite the watch’s feel-good look.

Thus, apart from the manufacturer, Apple, outsiders have also started making good watch bands for Apple watches. However, it would help determine certain things while purchasing a third-party band for your Apple watch as the company bands mostly fit all its observations, whereas third party bands don’t.  So, keep some essential points in mind before deciding to get one for you.

Learn How To Change The Band On Apple Watch

Customize Apple Watch With Third-Party Bands

How to Check the Screen Size on Apple Watch?

To determine the screen size of your Apple Watch, go to iPhone’s watch app. You can see the watch app on your iPhone. Click on my watch option in the bottom left corner. You will find an “mm” number underneath your phone name.  This is your screen size.

Customize Apple Watch With Third-Party Bands

How to Replace Apple Watch Band? (Step-by-step)

Check the size and width of the replacement band and see that it suits your Apple watch. Apple watches are available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. You can choose a group that fits both dimensions. Get on to the Apple store to get designs and sizes of watches or go online through Amazon or any other online shopping service. If you are buying a third-party band, make sure you are going with established brands as some brands may not be trustworthy.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Switch Your Watch Off

Though it is not mandatory to turn your clock off, it is advisable to do so as this will protect you from accidentally sending text messages or activating unnecessary apps.

Choose a Smooth Surface

Find out a flat surface where you can place your Apple Watch with the dial facing down. This is the best practice to avoid any scars or scratches on the clock. Use microfiber material rather than a regular one to give it even better protection.

Handle Release Button Carefully

You can find a tiny oval-shaped button immediately above the place where the watch and band connect. This is called the release button. Hold it for a few seconds until the band holder has been removed. Slide the group out to obliterate the band.

Remove the Other End Also

Follow the same procedure with the additional purpose also and release the button slide-out the band. Now the band is completely removed.

Fix the Replacement Band to Apple Watch

Observe the two sides of the group and see that the outer part faces outward and the other end where you have the ring is inside. Fasten the band’s inner side to the Apple screen and see that it fits in the given slots.


If you see that the band does not fix in the place, remove it and try again. If the problem persists even after flipping and re-attaching it, the possibility is that the band is not a suitable one for your watch.

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