How to Play DVD Movies on Nintendo Wii

Viewers often encounter several problems in watching DVD movies on Nintendo Wii. Mostly this problem occurs due to lack of understanding or mismanagement. Nintendo Wii is indeed a little bit complicated machinery but it is not utterly convoluted.

You Can Watch a DVD on a Wii

Once you clarify the initial confusion it works quite smoothly and you can watch a DVD on a Wii. All you need is some patience and inclination to understand the machinery of the Nintendo Wii.

But worry not! In this article, we seek to provide a comprehensive and extensive overview of the Nintendo Wii to clarify your doubts.

We will also provide step by step methods of playing DVD movies on Nintendo Wii so as to enhance your movie time experience.

Things You Need to Know and Understand First

First thing first. Before beginning let’s compile all the equipment you will require throughout the entire procedure. Once you understand the necessary elements consider that half of the work is done!

You will need the following essential things to run a DVD movie on the Nintendo Wii.

  • Nintendo Wii: with a system version 3.2. This system version is optimum for watching the movie on the Nintendo Wii.
  • FAT/FAT 32 format SD card. However, make sure that it is not larger than 2 GB since Nintendo Wii cannot read the SDHC card. You need to precisely arrange compatible items to play the DVD movie smoothly.
  • An SD card reader. This will help to convert the movie on the SD card in proper digital linguistics for Nintendo Wii to play.
  • The movie you want to play. Here’s a fundamental tip: Wipe the DVD disc carefully before playing. This will ensure to remove the dust which often becomes a hindrance for Nintendo Wii to play the movie.
  • Homebrew channel installer. This is essential since Nintendo Wii utilizes the Homebrew channel to play any movie or video game.
  • DVDX. This Homebrew app is required for Nintendo Wii to read DVD from the drive. You can easily install it from the play store or from any third party installer. However make sure to check the policy, terms, and condition, and the authentication if you are downloading from any third party operator because it often enhances the possibility of a virus attack.
  • MPlayer. This is the Nintendo Wii port of any media player which plays commercial DVD

Check all the equipment and you are halfway through. Read on to find out the next steps.

Install Necessary Items

You need to install two items, the Homebrew Channel and DVD player, for more information about Homebrew Channel, go to, Homebrew channel is legal and you can use it officially

You can download these directly from the play store or as an apk version from any third-party browser.

These two apps are essential for Nintendo Wii to smoothly play your movie. Now maintain the following simple steps to execute the process faster and better.

Step 1: You need to insert the SD card into the reader and then copy the movie you want to play on it. Also, make sure to copy Homebrew Channel’s boot. dol file.

Step 2:

Now eject the SD card in Nintendo Wii and insert back in the Nintendo Wii

Step 3: Start the Homebrew Channel

Step 4: Now run the DVDX installer app. When it begins hit the “Normal installation” button and wait for dor it to complete processing.

Step 5: Now return to Homebrew Channel. Insert any DVD movie of your choice into your Nintendo Wii and start an MPlayer app. In order to play the movie, hit “DVD video” from the drop-down MPlayer menu. Hit “Play DVD”. Wait for some time for your movie to load and witness the home theatre experience.

Homebrew Channel is Legal, you don’t need to worry about it, it’s just channel where available games which were created by other players, so, it’s not any illegal activity or even pirated, homebrew channel is like many other similar places where gamers are sharing own games and game levels.

Additional tip: Do not forget to update MPlay software regularly. Otherwise, the old MPlay Software version becomes buggy and the movie will not play incessantly.

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