17 Best Unblocked Games Websites for School (Complete List)

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Ok, You are here, let’s rock and roll with the best list of unblocked games websites, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at school, university or at the office, The office or a public place like a library or internet cafe with nothing to do Most of the time you spend waiting for something or someone. Sometimes you have free time, Instead of doing nothing, why not play some games to pass the time instead?

A lot of public internet access spots, workplaces and schools or universities block access to downloading or playing games. Sometimes they even restrict access to being able to play games entirely. This can be pretty frustrating, It’s worse if you’re usually using the same computer, Like a regular work PC or the same spot at an internet cafe.

What if I told you there is a way to get past all the blocking systems? Chance to play right to play games even without a Virtual Private Network or any software bypass any firewall? there are plenty of reasons why you would want to do it.

I’ve put together the greatest unblocked games websites complete list, You’ll find here only popular and safe websites for school and office.

17 Best Unblocked Games Websites for School and Office 2020

If you reading this then you have a problem with playing games online, keep reading the rest of this article, read more about my Top 17 unblocked games websites, get access a whole range of crazy games online.

Sonsaur Unblocked Games

Let’s start with Sonsaur unblocked games website, This is my favorite one and now I tell you why. In my opinion, online games site must include all type of games, If I’m at school or at Office, I need unblocked games, they must load fast and must be available to play on low-performance computers.

When I’m out I need games that can be played from mobile device, I don’t like to install all kind of games on my devices, even you don’t know how game really looks you need to install it to understand, so, I don’t like it and trying to play games online, just browsing to find right game for me, there are ton’s categories and filters.

Step 1. Go to https://www.sonsaur.com, Hover “Top Categories” tab.

Sonsaur Unblocked Games

Step 2. Choose from list of the top categories.

Unblocked Games Top Categories on Sonsaur.com

You can see categories to choose from, there are almost all categories you may search for, so choose one of them and filter more. (image below)

Sonsaur Games Filtering Categories

Here you can filter popular or new games and more. Like I mentioned earlier I like that there is a Mobile games section, almost a few thousands of games available for mobile devices, it’s important for me as I don’t really like to install all games on my smartphone. There are no settings to change, nothing to hack, Nothing to enable, Generally, nothing to install on the system, Just start playing!

Also, the best part is that you can watch gameplays on Sonsaur’s Youtube channel before play or install on your Android or iOS device, you can find gameplays below every game (if available).

Unblocked Games Guru

What’s the big difference between blocked games versus unblocked games? Here’s the good news for you, When it comes to the actual game itself, Then there’s not much of a difference between the two of them if any. uGamesGuru was built on google’s website builder platform sites.google.com, up to 700 games available there, Flash and HTML5 versions, all kinds of games for every game lover.

School Unblocked Games on uGamesGuru

You don’t need to worry about servers, systems or firewalls, You aren’t putting the system at any serious risk because you aren’t installing anything on it. all games are available to play online, directly on your browser. Because you’re accessing the game from your school browser instead of having to download or install anything, There’s much less of a risk posed to the computer, It’s much safer than trying to download software onto a blocked system.


Unblocked games are technically the same game as any games when it comes to game mechanics, Except for the fact that these type of games can be played on any computer, iUnblocked is another cool website created with new google sites. only HTML5 unblocked games collection, the best way to have fun if you don’t searching for any flash games to play.

Unblocked Games iUnblocked

The games are sorted alphabetically, it’s the best way to find the game you are searching for, sure, there is also an on-site search to find games easily but, sometimes alphabetical search comes way easier to find good game around. Games I’ve played there are MiniOStars, Donut Shooter Challenge, Drag Racing, overall good timewaster website.

Unblocked Games Dadu

A lot of places including workplaces, schools, and universities, block access to traditional games websites and mainly you can’t access anything without a VPN network, Weebly is not one of them, here you can access games without any problems, old school design like it was on UnblockedGames500.weebly.com, remember that website? it was really cool a few years ago, now unblockedgamesdadu.weebly.com is doing it’s best, not such popular yet but good website if you like to play Weebly unblocked games.

Design is very simple and easy to understand, all games are located in sidebar, also you’ll be advice with relevant games below each game, that’s it.

Unblocked Games Dadu

You can play Happy wheels game there, The happy wheels game is easy to play as you do not require downloading any files on your device. Happy wheels have been ranked as one of the most popular games and as you know it’s very popular among us. The game does not comprise of easy levels, the first level is challenging and may require several attempts. Once cleared, the player qualifies for a more complicated level and with its difficulty continuing to rise accordingly.

I’m not sure there is anyone who never heard about cookie clicker, this game was so popular the last few years, Cookieclicker.us.com a good place to play cookie clicker unblocked and a lot of clicker games online. I like to play clicker games sometimes, it’s easy and helps me get rid of stress after a hard-working day. If you prefer to play a cookie clicker on the official website here is a link.

Clicker Games Unblocked

Clicker Heroes and Must a Mine are my favorite games long time now, handpicked unblocked clicker games makes your day brighter.

Unblocked Games Portal

Here comes another Google sites, Unblocked Games Portal (sites.google.com/site/unblockedgamesportal), This site is too old, the age of this website is 5-6 years, this is most aged website around.

Unblocked Games Portal

Overall the website looks nice and a lot of popular games available like Happy Wheels, Superfighters and much more.

Unblocked Games 66

Another cool website built using Weebly platform, Unblocked Games 66 (unblockedgame66.weebly.com/) is an old school Weebly website, looks similar to Unblocked Games Dadu, good selection of games available also, you decide if you like it, my job is to advice ))

Unblocked Games 66

I’m not sure there is anything more to say about this website, just simple and easy to navigate, go and have fun if you like a preview.

Unblocked Games Dadu Google

Here comes old school google website with up to 2000 flash games, I’m not sure there are many unblocked games sites with such games collection, if you are searching for any flash games you need to check there first, huge games list available directly on the sidebar, also you can use on-site search to easily navigate.

Unblocked Games Dadu Google Sites

Website design is not top notch, almost standard layout and colors, if you are perfectionist you may be disappointing but, if you are searching for flash games, this website must be in your list.

Unblocked Games Bay

The homepage of this website is really different than any other google sites, it looks nice and comfortable for the first look. Unblocked Games Bay (sites.google.com/site/unblockedgamesbay) built on Google sites platform, same layout and navigation as any of similar websites.

Unblocked Games Bay

If you don’t want to be the guy in the office, school or college who screwed up the entire computer network, this website is a great way to still get what you want, Without all of the added risks that come with downloading anything on a public computer or network.

Bored Button

Almost everyone knows what Bored Button website means, these type of websites available long time and I don’t know person who never visited any of these sites. I’ve included here Sonsaur’s Bored Button, I’ll explain why, I found that this website contains much more sites than any of similar sites around, also there is most popular one BoredButton.com and TheUselessWeb.com. you can try them too.

Bored Button on Sonsaur

Here is how website looks for me at this moment, you just need to click on the button and new website will be opened in a new tab, that’s all.

Unblocked Games 500

Ug5.co is 4+ years old website which was created a short version of UnblockedGames500.Weebly.com, (this website was very popular back in 2016-2017). Mainly HTML5 games collection there (a small number of popular flash games also available) this means that you can play without the flash drive.

Unblocked Games 500 UG5.co

Very easy and comfortable to navigate through the website, these games are perfect if you are mainly into fun and exciting sort of games. Whatever be the type of game you can extract the best entertainment out of it anytime anywhere.

If you’re on a covert mission to game, there are a few precautions you can take. Open up Incognito Browsing mode before you open up any games to ensure that it doesn’t show in your history – and of course, Ensure that you aren’t sitting in full view of a camera that can see what you’re doing on the screen.

Unblocked Games 77

When it comes to blocked and unblocked games the online technicalities also come in to picture. now you have the choice of playing google unblocked games with the updating and few newer ones in the list too with unblocked games 77. The more you and other people play these games, the more popularity it develops.

Unblocked Games 77

The unblocked games 77 sites for school provides you with plenty of top games that you can play online over the web anytime anywhere, these games are flash-based and requires flash player to be installed before play, so, if you are searching for flash games this site may work well for you. They have also discord to join if you are interested.

Unblocked Games 333

Even while playing games as such on unblocked games 333 it is vital to make sure you are careful of your atmosphere so as to be on the safe side. The options of these sites are available even after the filtering. It is always advised to make sure you do your everyday work on time, hence building a stress-free environment for you and all those around you and play games using the platforms only when you have your spare time in your hands.

Unblocked Games 333 Online

Play if you feel the necessity to keep yourself occupied so as to save yourself from being by yourself or from getting bored. site design as usual on Google sites is not top-notch but there are tons of games available to play.

Unblocked Games 24h

The unblocked games 24h (sites.google.com/site/unblockedgames24h) website come with a very simplistic and nice look, the homepage itself features a wide range of games ready to be played. And the panel on the left side of the website screen displays a complete list of the games available to play on the site. The games are arranged in alphabetical order to help users to easily access their favorable game by just scrolling down the names. Upon clicking the particular name of the game, a window displays where the game loads and it is ready to be played.   

Unblocked Games 24h Online

Overall, it can be said that all these games may have some educational values for school while for workers in an office to clear their minds out of all the work stress. And apart from this, these games work as superb pass time as well.

Unblocked Games Vevo

One more website built using google sites (sites.google.com/site/unblockedgamesvevo). It’s not mandatory for the teachers to seek the help of these games for the purpose of teaching. Instead, the children can resort to these gaming websites when they are bored with the monotonous studying pattern.

Unblocked Games Vevo

Unblocked games Vevo is one such website that has games for students available under one roof. This website is not required to be used at educational institutional premises only but can be accessed on any computer or device. There are a lot of flash games available, if you are searching for such games, this is one of the websites you need to check.

Unblocked Games 76

Games are categorized into many varieties. Some of these categories include Driving or Car, Shooting, Two player and a wide range of games ranging from the alphabets A to Z. Each category has an n-number of games that a player never gets bored as one has the option to play many games. New games are introduced by professionals frequently. This adds up to give a non-tiring entertainment to many of the players!

Unblocked Games 76 for School

The website is also provided with the search bar that helps the players to find and play their game, just by typing in the name of the game and clicking on the search button. The website is dynamic, user-friendly and attractive. it craves the person to enter into online games even if he is new to online gaming.

Fun Unblocked Games

Here comes last and interesting website for you, Funblocked (https://sites.google.com/site/allfunblockedgames/), every gaming website you come across has certain perks that cannot be ignored. The technological inputs happily create a suitable playing window for every individual. The same goes for the fun unblocked games, which is one of the best variations found on the web. Since the advantages are pretty clear to you, it is good to avail of the benefits that come along with it.

Fun Unblocked Games

You can trust the platform because of its visibility and authenticity. For an instant mood-booster and stress-buster, Funblocked is the best option that can fulfill your emptiness. The interesting and eye-catching gameplay is certainly overwhelming. The design and level of authenticity that these games stand for cannot be unmatched.


That’s all, I really hope you have found what you are searching for, all 17 unblocked games websites listed here are handpicked and not random ones, I know there are tons of similar one but, these are my favorites, hope you like it ))

Let me know if you like this list or want something to ask by commenting below. Thanks for reading ))

What are some unblocked game websites?

How do I unblock a site?

It’s not necessary, we have listed 17 best-unblocked games sites already unblocked to play from school or office.

How do I unblock a game website?

Luckily it’s not a problem anymore, we have created bulletproof guide how to play games legal without any VPN network, continue reading for more information

What are some unblocked game websites?

There are a lot of unblocked games websites, in this guide we have collected only the best 17 websites that are the most popular at this moment

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